N-20 We are all Argentinians

Anarchist's Solidarity Block wih Argentina
...turn Prague into Buenos Aires!

Although the main point of demonstrations against NATO summit in Prague is for sure militarism and upcoming war in Iraq, these protests are aimed also against capitalism itself. Protests in Prague therefore give us an opportunity to loudly manifest international solidarity with similar anticapitalist demonstrations over the world.

One example which deserve international support is Argentina, where protests which were anticapitalist in nature turned into real uprising. The majority of world corporate media told us about massive street battles and several government abdications in one week of last December. But this media are not interested in following situation, which have been continued to nowdays. We, anarchists, are.


Barricades were extinguished and street protests scattered by police and military, but the resistance continue. People don't trust any government and create "neighbourhood assemblies" which are not controlled by official state power. Through this assemblies people try to manage their local issues. There is also a big "inter-assembly" where all "neighbourhood assemblies" are represented and where bigger issues are solved. But not only this - also street protests cacerolas and highway blockades of unemployed Piqueteros still continue.

As the act of solidarity with Argentina protest we decided to call Anarchist Solidarity Block with Argentina during demonstrations in Prague. We first meet on November 17 demo and even on November 21 on the main action day, but our loudest protest will be heart on November 20 during demonstration before the place of luxury dinner of summit delegates (Obecni dum).

This luxury dinner is the best opportunity to show solidarity with those dying by hunger because of capitalism. In the same time, our block will say them: WE ARE EVERYWHERE.

The meeting point of Anarchist Solidarity Block with Argentina is each time at the banner "Vsichni jsme Argentinci" (We are all Argentineans). Bring everything, which could be eaten from and which make noise: pots, pans, mess-tins... It's the noise by this stuff which became the symbol of traditional street protests cacerolas. If you would like to wear the mask, bring a T-shirt - traditional way of masking in Argentina.

Show people of Argentina they are not alone! Support the Anarchist Solidarity Block with Argentina!
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